Capital Timber (Pvt) Ltd manufactures, supplies and deliver eucalyptus/gum treated poles of any dimension, size and according to clients specifications.

Capital Timber (Pvt) Ltd produces Transmission Poles, Telephone Poles, Cross Arms, Light Poles, Fencing Poles, Droppers which are treated with Creosote and CCA.

> Transmission poles
> Telephone Poles
Cross Arms
Light Poles
Fencing Poles

Capital Timber can provide building and fencing poles of the highest quality. Treated timber building and fencing poles can be used for various situations. We have listed some below.

> Game Fencing
> Cattle Fencing
> Security Fencing
> Poles for Thatched Roofing Poles for Construction Industry Poles for Mining Industry
> Poles for Road Construction and Signage Fencing poles and enclosures
> Garden fencing
> Poles for landscaping and playground structures
> Post and Rail fencing Guard rail posts