Capital Timber (Pvt) Ltd manufactures, supplies and deliver eucalyptus/gum treated poles of any dimension, size and according to clients specifications.
Capital Timber (Pvt) Ltd produces Transmission Poles, Telephone Poles, Fencing Poles and Droppers which are treated with Creosote preservative at our Pole Treatment Plant in Mutare.

Transmission poles.
Telephone poles
Light poles
Fencing poles
Capital Timber carries a minimum stockpile of 6 000m3 of both treated and dried poles, which gives us the capacity to ensure reliability of supply and the ability to meet large orders at any time.

Transmission Poles Sizes
Length 8m to 14m
Top Diameter 120mm to 200mm
Total production capacity: 2 000m3 per month
Capital Timber can customise your transmission poles to customer specifications.

Building and fencing poles
Capital Timber can provide building and fencing poles of the highest quality.
Treated timber building and fencing poles can be used for various situations. We have listed some below.

Game Fencing
Cattle Fencing
Security Fencing
Post and Rail Fencing
Garden and Patio Furniture
Garden Edging
Guardrail posts
Guardrail spacers
Brace and kicking blocks
Vine and orchard trellises
Poles for landscaping and playground structures
Fencing and enclosures
Fencing poles .